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Building Better Partnerships: Beyond Tech

Last month’s Dx3 event featured great speakers, intriguing activations, and an opportunity to bump into colleagues. Everyone leaves having a slightly different takeaway, here’s my favourite.

Is the agency of the future going to be smaller, consisting of fewer than 50 people and focusing on greater collaboration with freelancers and vendors? That was the theory put forth in one speaker session I attended. The tools to bring people together have definitely bridged the distance: I’m a big fan of collaboration tools like Basecamp, Slack and Microsoft’s new Teams. But tech can only go so far – most great work comes from partnerships, and everyone involved has to play a part.

The tech we have allows us to bridge physical distances and other barriers to collaborate with humans with special skillsets that may lie outside your team. The tech is there, but we have to remember to always bring the humanity.

It’s the seemingly little things, like always being on time for meetings or effectively communicating progress and obstacles, that elevate a working relationship into a partnership that can go beyond simply completing the project into a group performance that ends up being greater than the sum of all parts.

Little things that end up shaping great results.



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