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How to Un-Suck your content

Hands up if you think social content has jumped the shark lately? Far too much emphasis on disposable, one-and-done tweets or posts or trying to salaciously jump on the “trend of the day.” Hands up if you think a lot of social content these days’ sucks?

Yeah so do we. So much so, we built an entire agency designed to help brands start to un-suck their content in a hurry. Enter: ruckus!

We built ruckus to work with brands to find and tell their story through rich, compelling and relevant social content – tracking the value of that content with deep social analytics. From the outset we challenged ourselves to push farther, to create a unique agency model and offering, and distinguish ourselves across the board from everyone else. To unsettle the status quo. To make a ruckus.

So we did.

We looked at what passed for compelling social content these days. We found lots of examples of people leaning into “real time” marketing and failing . We saw a lot of misguided brands relying on their tag lines or repurposing their ad creative in a tweet, again – without much luck.

Time and time again we found social tactics pulled from the same playbook. Relying on gimmicks and trends to interrupt people’s experience and force their way into the conversation.

So we threw out the playbook and made our own.

Our goal was straightforward: Evolve the way we tell stories for a digital age. The equation: Be visual, be timely and – overall – be captivating.

We’ve created a foundation around the essential elements for being successful in social conversations.

  1. Borrowing from our APEX PR heritage, we get people talking – having a conversation around your brand. We create a lasting and tangible story fans can immerse themselves in and craft along with you.
  2. Social is all about big, beautiful visuals to tell your story in a memorable and engaging way. So we’ve built an agency to create gorgeous visuals to accompany the narrative.
  3. We’re digital natives who quickly identify the right real-time opportunities to crank up the volume on your story and get people talking.

All of this comes together to form the evolution of story telling and ensure your story is heard clearly. A story that your fans will feel, live and experience with you.

We are ruckus and we’re here to un-suck your content.

Posted by
Gary Edgar
on 03/10/2014