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Reboot the way you conduct business

“Technology has removed technology from technology.” Mitch Joel

Last week, my University of Toronto #digitaledu colleague Donna Papacosta hosted Six Pixels of Separation and Ctrl Alt Delete author Mitch Joel for a chat about technology’s ubiquity evolving consumer behaviour, which ultimately shapes the way we should do business.

Joel first focused on three key areas that he called “Three Little Pigs”:

  1. To transform – to happen internally within organizations, not externally

  2. To innovate – examples include success factors for today’s apps: image-based, highly mobile, highly social

  3. To transact – shift to sharing and impermanence with consumers paying for sharing instead of owning (Airbnb, Netflix, Breather, iTunes and JustPark also Snapchat as an impermanent social platform)

Joel went on to say that he thinks that instead of talking about the “next digital consumer,” we’ll be talking about the “quantified consumer.” (Fitbit, Nest and Starbucks)

He said that while a few years ago we may have wondered why our fridges should be connected to the internet, whereas now many individuals are saying “why not?”

He also offered the following four areas all organizations should be considering in their transformations:

  1. Think content distribution over content now

  2. Think new revenue models over campaigns

  3. Think one screen over which screen (the one a respective user is watching is always most important)

  4. Think about making an impression over impressions

More highlights from the evening (via Donna Papacosta)

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