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ruckus Digital Turns 8!

Eight years ago today, Ruckus Digital was born! To celebrate, here are eight fun facts that you might not know about ruckus.

1. Ruckus’ first client was outdoor power tool manufacturer Husqvarna. We are lucky enough to still work with Husqvarna today – in fact, you may have seen our recent award win [link] with them!

2. ruckus Digital’s first employee was Gary Edgar, who now works for RBC as Director, Enterprise Social Media.

3. Why “ruckus”? Managing Partner Linda Andross explains “we wanted a name that felt like it looked!  A name that had a bit of cheek and attitude and personality.” We think it perfectly sums up the people on our team and the work we do.

4. ruckus was a finalist for CPRS Toronto’s Best in Show the last two years in a row, and the winner for 2020.

5. It was also twice named IABC/Toronto Boutique Agency of the Year. Not bad for an eight-year-old!

6. APEX and ruckus Digital both made the Globe & Mail ROB Top 400 Fastest Growing Companies in 2019, coming in at #272.

7. ruckus Digital launched its original “ruckus Makers” series and has hosted more than 10 events with companies like Twitter, Snapchat, Google/YouTube, as well as some incredible influencers such as Amanda Muse and industry guests like Hannah Sung.

8. ruckus Digital has earned over 30 national awards for clients such as Walmart, DoorDash, Husqvarna, Planet Fitness, RE/MAX, and RSA insurance.

Ruckus has grown and changed throughout the years, but the thing that remains is a dedicated team that loves what they do. We are so grateful for eight years of making a ruckus with you!