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Meet Maline, Helvetica fan and ruckus Digital’s new Creative Designer and Strategist

We sat down for a virtual chat with our new Creative Designer and Strategist, Maline, to chat about their career journey and personal passions.  How has your past work or volunteer experience helped you in your current position? I have had a wide range of jobs from multimedia design to curation to

2019: Tasking YouTubers with an Interac $100 Challenge

Problem Interac is a world-class debit payment system and one of Canada’s leading brands. On average, it is used 16 million times daily and is a market leader in payment technologies. With a concern that new technology platforms and often-enticing credit card reward-programs could encroach as the preferred method of payment for Millennials, the brand

Where do good content ideas come from?

Creating great content isn’t an exact science. At a recent event hosted by Rethink at the YouTube space in Toronto, the panel (featuring Alison Lawler-Dean, Rethink’s VP of Marketing and Communications) discussed how content is developed from various perspectives. In addition to how a non-profit like Rethink approaches the concept, Lawler-Dean