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Case Studies

Husqvarna’s Social Launch

In January 2014 Husqvarna was entering their 325th year and wanted to extend the buzz and excitement online. Ruckus worked with them to find and harness a fanatical social community of Husqvarna lovers.

Facebook Fans in 2014
Social Impressions
Engagement Rates

ruckus amplifies the Earth Rescue story

After Facebook’s algorithm update, generating engagement and growing the Earth Rescue community proved challenging. ruckus was able to quickly pivot, and start amplifying the content with paid promotion to amazing results.

New Fans/Month
Cost per New Fan

Creating a ruckus around the World Cup

ruckus worked with a leading CPC brand to organically integrate their FIFA World Cup sponsorship into their brand story and get their Twitter community talking about the ‘beautiful game.’

Social Impressions
New Fans
Total Mentions

Crabbie’s @ Toronto Beerfest

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer is a household name in the UK, and their Beerfest appearance was designed to help create awareness here in Canada. ruckus worked with them to create an amazing social photo booth experience that fed back directly back to their online channels.

Impressions Over a Weekend
Increase in Fans
Photos Taken

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