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5Qs: Lifestyle blogger Maca Atencio

Maca Atencio (HeyMaca)
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Emily Rivas from ruckus Digital recently chatted with influencer and lifestyle blogger Maca Atencio on how she started HeyMaca and what it is about her content that keeps her audience so engaged.

1. What first attracted you to the industry?

“I think it was natural step for me to start a blog and get into content creation. I graduated in marketing and sales, worked as a marketing and advertising manager at an agency in Venezuela, then ended up working as a digital strategist in Montreal, planning sponsored content for different media outlets. Along the way, I got into interior design, too. What I love most about this industry is how I can be on the “other” side as a creator and help brands produce beautiful imagery, videos and fun content to promote product launches.”

2. What are some ways that you’ve grown your following and how have you kept them engaged? 

“I think the unique style that HeyMaca has across all platforms has helped me a lot. I started the blog during my first mat leave about seven years ago. That’s when I began growing the readership, followers and community I have now (and all with no Instagram around!) I keep them engaged by creating fun content. From real stories on Instagram, to useful tips on the blog, and fun recipes they can cook with their loved ones–keeping my audience inspired is my number one goal as a creator. We also just expanded our business a month ago by launching an online shop. One of my dreams has always been to get our community wearing and loving our products.”

 3. How will advancements in technology affect your work? 

“I don’t think it will affect my work negatively. On the contrary, I’ve seen how digital media has evolved and how it can benefit us. Smarter tracking and planning in the industry are coming and that makes me so excited!” 

4. Who are some of your favourite individuals to follow?

I have so many favourites! But here are a few specific ones I love:

5. Do you think it’s important to align yourself with organizations that represent you and your values? Why or why not? 

“Absolutely! At HeyMaca, we partner with brands and products that we use, love and believe in. Our mantra is to show our genuine selves across all platforms and in real life–for example, I love hugs and hug anyone upon meeting them the first time.”

Emily Rivas is a senior strategist at ruckus Digital.

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