Homeruckus makersruckus makers speaker series

ruckus makers speaker series

Twitter Canada’s Cam Gordon joined us for our inaugural ruckus makers speaker series. Find out how he’s making a ruckus.
With the constant shifts in social and digital media, it’s integral to stay current. That’s why we recently kicked off our brand new speaker series – ruckus makers, and who better to have as our inaugural speaker, than Cam Gordon, Senior Communications Manager for Twitter Canada.
Twitter remains the leading place on the web for breaking news and information. There is no faster platform for experiencing something as it happens, and in the last few years Twitter has introduced a host of new products to maintain that hold. With Periscope and Vine they’ve introduced video formats to fit perfectly with the channel’s bite-sized information aesthetic. And now, with 2 question polls, users and brands can experiment with all new ways of engagement.
We caught up with Cam hot off the heels of the Canadian federal election to talk about politics, branding and Twitter’s new products.
Cam first touched on the part Twitter played in the election and how the party leaders approached the channel in very different ways.