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So, what is User Experience Design?

After much reading, research and attending the UX Design Bootcamp from Miami Ad School Toronto, I could tell you that User Experience Design can be defined in many ways.

It all comes down to one common theme –the interaction and value that a product will provide to the user when using the product. Whether it is a website, tablet or even an app the user’s satisfaction should always be the main focus when developing the end product.


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs


What needs to be included in User Experience Design?

There are different facets or qualities of user experience according Peter Morville from Semantic Studios. Peter developed what we call the user experience honeycomb.

The 7 facets of the Peter Morville Honeycomb are useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, credible, and valuable.  This honeycomb helps brands define their products’ priorities, therefore providing a good experience for the user.


What is the User Experience Design process?

The User Experience Design process has different phases that are repeated, to help evaluate the design of the end product. A good example is the Double Diamond Design process, which has four steps: discover, define, develop and deliver.

Through the Discovery phase, a lot of research takes place, including primary and secondary research, competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, user journeys, and more.

In the Define phase all the information from the Discovery phase is gathered and narrowed down to a creative brief.

Then comes the fun part, the Development phase where ideation takes place to come up with unique concepts based on the creative brief. These concepts are created, prototyped, tested and iterated. This is the part where the ideas are also refined to what works and what doesn’t.

After a lot of trial and error comes the last phase, the Delivery phase, this where the project is finalised and launched.

In the end User Experience Design is all about the customer needs versus their wants.


At this point in experience design’s evolution, satisfaction ought to be the norm, and delight out to be the goal. Stephen Anderson


Following a good design process such as this one, will not only help you have a great product but a valuable user experience.

Vanessa Cuartas is an integrated media designer at ruckus Digital. Need help with design? Drop us a line.