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10 Minute Videos Are Coming To TikTok – Is Your Brand Ready?

Long-form videos might be the future of digital marketing. In an exciting new development, TikTok has extended their maximum video length from 3 minutes to 10 minutes. Videos are becoming a top tool for marketers, and TikTok is catching up with platforms like Instagram and YouTube for long-form video creators. Consumers are watching more videos on social media than ever before, and with algorithms tuning to display longer videos, creating long-form content is a good strategy to get more eyes on you. Read on and find out how brands are using long-form content, how it can benefit your brand, and 5 ideas for exciting and engaging long-form videos.

How are brands using long-form content?


Long-form videos are perfect for telling your brand’s unique story and building stronger relationships with consumers. Maximize the format with an engaging and memorable narrative and show consumers who you are, without time limits.

Raising awareness and engagement

Brands are using long-form videos to raise awareness and increase engagement, particularly around causes. If your brand already has an advocacy element, long-form videos are perfect for sharing this important work with consumers by fostering engagement with an emotional element. Want to learn more about integrating brand advocacy into your strategy? Check out this blog post!

Repurposing content

Creating high-quality, engaging videos takes time and resources, but once they’re done you have significantly more content to share that’s already in-line with your current strategy. Simplify your content creation process by breaking long-form videos down into shorter clips for repurposing across social channels.

How will long-form content benefit your brand?

Building brand affinity

Because of the personal, storytelling nature of long-form videos, there is an opportunity to increase brand affinity and build stronger relationships with your target audience.

Engaging SEO

Google shows video results before anything else; long-form video content will not only increase traffic to your website but keep consumers on the page for longer, leading to more inclusion in targeted searches.

Turning views into business

Video content has some of the highest view rates, and the most effective conversion rates for brands. Invest in long-form content to maximize ROI for your social content.

What kind of long-form content can your brand create?

Right now, the main forms of long-term video content are mini-docs and original series. These concepts can be customized to suit your brand, but there are other ways to utilize long-form video as well:

Demos and tutorials

Long-form videos are ideal for demos, tutorials, explainers for new and existing products, and to promote upcoming releases.

Q&As and interviews

Use long-form videos for Q&As and interviews, particularly with company founders, for a more personal look into your brand.


Consumers love behind-the-scenes content, and long-form video is perfect for sharing what your brand is up to, whether on-site or at the office.

Highlight and promote events

Create long-form videos to highlight past events and promote upcoming events.

Consumer participation

Get consumers involved in your long-form content strategy with customer reviews and testimonial videos.

Long-form video is one of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2022, so don’t wait to integrate it into your strategy! Use long-form videos to build stronger and more personal relationships with consumers with engaging storytelling, improve your SEO, and maximize ROI on social content through repurposing.

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