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Big stats about digital video

Digital video isn’t the next big thing, it’s ‘the’ big thing

How many online videos have you watched already today? 3? 6? A dozen? Whether it’s on Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or just embedded on a website, chances are you’ve watched at least one – probably more – videos before you’ve eaten your lunch.

In the last few years digital video has had its coming out party. It’s accessible, it’s affordable and it’s something all of us can do right from our phones. It’s a content form people are instantly familiar with and have no trouble consuming from any device – desktop or mobile.

Digital isn’t the costly big-ticket item it once was either. You can make beautiful, high-quality video with a completely affordable price tag. In fact recently, working with our Husqvarna client, we flew out to Mission BC with a film crew and shot these amazing videos in a day.