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From shutterbug to the Sims: Meet Jelena, ruckus Digital’s Creator & Writer

We sat down for a virtual chat with our new Digital Content Creator & Writer, Jelena to chat about her career journey and personal passions. 

How has your past work or volunteer experience helped you in your current position?

I’m a communications professional, creative visionary, and shutterbug. Over the years, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work in organizations where I’ve been able to execute different marketing initiatives and translate brand stories. As someone with both a communications and design background, I’m a firm believer that good marketing is based on a clear message that co-exists with beautiful design. Ultimately, creating material that resonates with people in a world littered with distraction. 

From my previous experiences at TD Securities and CivicAction—in two very different sectors—I’ve gained insight into how people and teams can come together with different approaches to tell their stories. I know my diverse background helps me find new ways to tell brand stories across digital platforms, and I’m excited to contribute to APEX and ruckus Digital’s mission to create meaningful connections between people and brands every day. I’m looking forward to working with a passionate team of people who have diverse backgrounds and can’t wait to gain a wealth of new knowledge and insight!

What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

I’ve always been creative at heart and had a passion for the stories of the people who surround us. This passion has influenced my love of communications and brand stories, which is why I do what I do today! I also love finding new ways to showcase these stories. Over the years I’ve done this through graphic design and photography. Most recently, I’ve been working with the team at TEDxToronto as Associate Creative Director to spread ideas. In my personal time, I use photography to capture people and places as they are—unapologetically themselves.

What moment or accomplishment in your career are you most proud of?

A recent moment I’m most proud of is the launch of the first-ever issue of #TPc Magazine; a Toronto-based publication created by the Toronto Photographers Collective that works to feature great talent found behind the lens. As Creative Director, I worked with this talented group to design a publication that shows off some beautiful photography and talent.

Is there something you hope to achieve while at APEX/ruckus?

Over the next few years, I look forward to finding new ways to amplify organizational stories and help businesses make a ruckus. I know that through working with a great team and clients, we’ll be able to create unique ways to stand above the noise and I can’t wait to be a part of that!

Three interesting facts about yourself.

  • I was born in South Africa.
  • I love flexing my architectural skills on the Sims.
  • I’m learning the art of 35mm film photography.

To learn more about how APEX PR or ruckus Digital can help build your brand or tell your brand story, Bigger@apexpr.com