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Meet our Digital & Social Coordinator, Arvind

 Our new Digital & Social Coordinator Arvind Bining tells us about herself and her path to public relations.

1. How has your past work or volunteer experience helped you in your current position?

My past experiences have led me down the path of all things social and digital— a field I’ve fallen in love with. My experience growing PR Ramp’s social media accounts since its launch, August 2020, allowed me to build the skills and confidence to create an online brand voice that resonated with our target audience. The knowledge I developed through my work with PR Ramp helped me obtain the opportunity to work on a much larger and already established social presence at the City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Office. I’m super excited to start the next phase of my career with ruckus digital and use what I’ve learned in my past experiences for the benefit of diverse clientele.

2. What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

Professionally, I’m most passionate about absorbing as much information as I can in navigating the social/digital landscape. Since I’m so early in my career my main priority is surrounding myself with lots of intelligent people I can learn from!

Personally, I’m passionate about varying interests usually around whatever I’m interested in learning at the time. One week I’m filming and editing cooking videos, the next I’m attending business webinars or watching a bunch of YouTube videos on how to film and edit product ads at home. I just really enjoy learning new things!

3. What moment or accomplishment in your career are you most proud of?

The first time I realized how much value my ideas actually had to offer was an accomplishment for me.

I was attending an entrepreneur webinar on building eCommerce businesses. It was near the beginning of the pandemic and I had signed up out of curiosity to see how businesses were adjusting. There was a brand in the webinar I thought was really cool that was struggling to figure out if there were any alternatives to having a pop-up shop to promote their clothing. I was a bit nervous at first, but I decided to directly message the founder about my idea to use TikTok for an at-home fashion show. She liked the idea and requested a marketing proposal that turned into a phone call.

 I didn’t end up getting the freelance gig, but it was a great lesson in understanding what I was capable of. It reinforced my confidence because someone was willing to take the time to listen to my ideas.

4. Is there something you hope to achieve while at APEX/ruckus?

My goal is to immerse myself in social/digital strategy while catering to the needs of diverse clients and continue to build my understanding of what career opportunities I can work towards.

5. Three interesting facts about yourself.

1) I was the last person in my friend group to adopt social media. My friend set up my first social media account, Facebook, which I barely used throughout high school and university. I never used Myspace.

2) I stumbled into my role with PR Ramp while I was trying to improve my understanding of Twitter. I was intimidated by how noisy the platform seemed, but now I spend more time on Twitter than any other platform.

3) I used to be an extremely shy person and got anxious talking to new people. I’ve had to challenge myself over the years, but it’s paid off because people are often surprised when I tell them I was shy!