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#FutureForward: Understand Your Target Audiences

In our #FutureForward series we ask members of our ruckus family to share their insights into what two skills they think will still be relevant in public relations, communications, marketing and digital in 30 years.

Nicole Pomeroy , senior integrated media strategist at ruckus Digital, discusses the importance of understanding your target audience as a communicator.

As PR and marketing practitioners, it’s our jobs to challenge the status quo and guide brands through the fast-changing media landscape. It’s hard to say which platforms are around for the long haul, but the importance in understanding your target audiences and knowing what motivates them will always be key.

From a simple scroll through your Instagram feed, or walk downtown, it’s blatantly obvious that we live in a world cluttered with vast amounts of luxury and household goods. From brunches filled with avocado toast and glasses of bottomless mimosas – millennials often get a bad rep for their “basic” lifestyle.

The most popular brands today among millennials are the ones that understand their daily struggles. Regardless of indulging in overpriced avocados, the reality is that millennials are often labeled the “brokest generation” with a low chance of owning a house and the demand of a post-secondary education for employment, followed by a load of serious student debt. As a result, their buying demand has shifted from material things to experiences.  

When young people today choose to spend the little money, they are more interested in spending money on experiences. Finding those things bring them happiness (like the perfect avocado, or a selfie worthy exhibition), and helps to raise their social currency amongst their peers.

While targeting millennials, brands continue meeting the demand of offering experiences instead of possessions. We’re seeing brands adapting to this movement using miniconcerts, yoga classes and cafes to draw consumers through its doors. Today’s brand ROIs are seeing high engagements through branded event hashtags, user generated content on social media, and increased awareness through word of mouth from these experiences.

In addition to connecting IRL (in real-life), we’re seeing more online design trends that take on a more emotional design, connecting more intimately with the consumer.

Just as we’re seeing millennial’s view ownership differently than previous generations did, upcoming generations will continue to have different habits that will both take businesses by surprise. It’s safe to say, knowing your audiences is and will always be key.

Nicole Pomeroy is a senior integrated media strategist at ruckus Digital. Need help with your social media approach? Drop us a line.