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This week’s ruckus-makers (Feb 9 – Feb 13)

This week’s ruckus-makers (Feb 9 – Feb 13)

Check out our round up of all the great campaigns, links and notable reads this week.


– Twitter and Google got together recently and now your tweets can be found using the world’s most popular search engine. Digiday breaks down what this means for you


– To promote the final season of Mad Men, AMC is making a play for show superfans and user generated content. And it actually looks like a lot of fun. See it here.

– The U.S. Navy recognized that they market to a very select target audience when creating this content. Gamifying your content is always a great way to engage an audience, making them an active participant. 

– Sticking to the theme of engaging content, Air France ran this fantastic contest on mobile to promote it’s new seating options in Asia. 

Posted by
Serge Leshchuk
on 14/02/2015

This week’s ruckus-makers (Jan 26 – Jan 30)

This week’s ruckus-makers (Jan 26 – Jan 30)

Check out our round up of all the great campaigns, links and notable reads this week.

Industry News:

Snapchat started the year with a bang. Fresh from pledging to put more dollars behind content creation, they’ve now rolled out their new Discover feature. #Discover on Snapchat,

Twitter Officially launched their native video feature (featuring no less than Neil Patrick Harris), offering the ability to upload 30 second videos directly to the app. What does this mean for Vine? Well we’ll have to wait and see. New Twitter Features

Campaigns we liked:

Controversial Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch opened up to the media in his own special way. Find out how Skittles smartly jumped on an opportunity for some brand synergy. Skittles

To help promote the new show Stalker, BBDO Belgium put together this clever campaign tying in to users Linkedin accounts. Stalker

From ruckus:

Check out some of the other new features Twitter launched this year and how they will affect your brand and content. Twitter – Updated features you should know about

Posted by
Serge Leshchuk
on 30/01/2015

This week’s ruckus makers (March 23 – 27)

This week’s ruckus makers (March 23 – 27)

Check out our round up of all the great campaigns, links and notable reads this week.



  • KitKat continues to explore creative ways to tell you to take a break. Sometimes a picture is really worth a 1000 words. 
  • Taco Bell wants you to get serious about breakfast monotony and defect online
  • Either “Hot Dudes Reading” were wearing too much Banana Republic to begin with, or the retailer instantly recognized a fantastic opportunity on social that already had viral legs. 
  • With Spotify and other on the go music apps, the radio industry is finding it harder and harder to keep up. SunoFM has worked hard to offer an interactive experience to the commuters. 

Posted by
Serge Leshchuk
on 28/03/2015

Who wants to be our biggest fan?

ruckus is about working with great companies that have the guts to create truly amazing stories. Do you have what it takes to be part of our team?

ruckus is about working with great companies that have the guts to create truly amazing stories. We help brands unlock their inner editorial voice and share it with the world in meaningful ways. We are looking for a Manager, Content & Client Development, who thrives in a creative environment where exceptional execution is valued as much as great strategy.  You work collaboratively, think globally and firmly believe that you can advance and transform your client’s businesses.  And you make it happen every day.

Some brands and clients still need, for strategic reasons, a traditional transactional public relations approach focused on mainstream media and direct-to-target audience engagement. Others require a more content oriented approach that engages target audiences, often simultaneously, via social, web, influencers, experiential and paid.  This is the rationale behind ruckus: to strategize, innovate and execute content-oriented storytelling across owned and paid channels. 

What’s the gig:

ruckus is looking for a Manager, Content & Client Development to join our growing entrepreneurial team.  Reporting to the Director of Content Strategy, this position will focus on the art of storytelling and getting our thought leadership into the hands of our target audience.  You will develop content marketing strategies by design, not happenstance.  The role collaborates closely with the firm’s lines of business and practices.

How you can help us grow:

  • You are a magnet and your colleagues/clients will love collaborating with you. You are able to work across a diverse group of peers, practitioners and executive leaders to capture and translate ideas into thought leadership that fuels the demand generation engine.
  • You can take your readers on a journey through creative narratives that explain business value in a simple way. You have killer instincts when it comes to integrating both digital and tangible assets to unfold these stories. Whether you are crafting for a client, business or creative audience, your stories engage and dazzle.
  • You understand the pace, tools, venues, conferences and platforms available to develop and share our points of view, creating engagement and relationships with our target audience.
  • Developing content for the right industry is part of your DNA – you know how to construct and share stories in a way that grabs industry influencer’s attention.  Keeping your fingers on the pulse of the marketplace energizes you as you think about how to syndicate the firm’s thought leadership.
  • You’re excited to grow a business from the ground up.
  • You will work seamlessly with our PR partner APEX to coordinate communications and extend reach.

What you bring to the table:

  • Can translate the expertise of multiple disciplines (e.g. human factors, brand, product, service design, business strategy, engineering, etc.) into client and marketplace relevance.
  • Strong writing and copy editing skills, grounded in a marketing context. When applying, please include examples of work that showcase your creative and business writing and digital portfolio.
  • Fluency in digital, web and emerging technology.
  • Well versed in the language and needs of a robust marketing organization (agency experience an asset).
  • Understand the mechanics of communication and public relations.
  • Strong creative mind-set with a passion for design, innovation and technology; share original and new ideas.
  • Communicate exceptionally through words, pictures and stories and sell an idea/concept into a client
  • Bachelor’s degree and 5 + years of experience in a marketing, publishing and writing function.
  • Ability to thrive in and manage ambiguity; curious, emphatic and energetic.

Not required but really helpful:

  • Intimate knowledge and use of social channels (all of them)
  • Google Ad Words and SEO/SEM
  • Analytics and Metrics (Google, Sysomos, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, In Design, Adobe suite of products
  • HTML and CSS
  • Video production skills

We want to meet great people who are interested in working in a start-up environment where culture matters and curiosity is valued. 

Send your resume/info on your ruckus making habits to: gary@wemadearuckus.com

Weekly digital marketing update.

Check out our round up of all the great campaigns, links and notable reads this week.


– Facebook continues to actively combat “advertising” language on the platform and reiterating that you now have to “pay to play” in order to be effective. 

DigiDay dives deeper into the new model the social media platform has in mind for brands. 

YouTube is starting it’s own brand and advertising revolution by revamping how we think and approach branded content.


– Top Shop takes over London fashion week in the UK with an innovative approach to tie social #trends to purchasing decisions.

WWF joins the fitness app game, but with a fun twist for a good cause. 

– If you think about it, when our phone is on the table and we are not using it, it’s just another ad space to utilize for marketers. Someone is catching on.

– IKEA continues it’s history of successful campaigns, this time helping you put together a perfect collection of emoticons and stay in the middle of every conversation. 


– Katie Boland (@KathrynBoland) appeared on CBC’s Metro Morning to promote @PodCampToronto. See you there this weekend. 

– Speaking of @PodCampToronto, we will be launching our Snapchat account at the event, covering workshops, impressions and other interesting events. Be sure to follow us at: “ruckusdigital“.

– Our WTR series continues to give you a five minute inside look into the world of social media platforms. This time, we break down Pinterest for brands

Posted by
Serge Leshchuk
on 21/02/2015

Big stats about digital video

Digital video isn’t the next big thing, it’s ‘the’ big thing

How many online videos have you watched already today? 3? 6? A dozen? Whether it’s on Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or just embedded on a website, chances are you’ve watched at least one – probably more – videos before you’ve eaten your lunch.

In the last few years digital video has had its coming out party. It’s accessible, it’s affordable and it’s something all of us can do right from our phones. It’s a content form people are instantly familiar with and have no trouble consuming from any device – desktop or mobile.

Digital isn’t the costly big-ticket item it once was either. You can make beautiful, high-quality video with a completely affordable price tag. In fact recently, working with our Husqvarna client, we flew out to Mission BC with a film crew and shot these amazing videos in a day.

The power of recipes as content

As smartphones continue to dominate as the go-to tool for millennials, it’s no surprise that smartphones are changing the way we cook.

As smartphones continue to dominate as the go-to tool for millennials, it’s no surprise that smartphones are changing the way we cook.

Millennials are more likely (59 per cent) to cook with a smartphone or tablet and 68 per cent of millennial moms are watching videos while cooking.

For brands, there is huge opportunity to provide content. One third of millennials say they don’t enjoy choosing what to cook and 75 per cent of millennials are interested in more recipes.

How should you leverage recipes for your social media channels? Check out how industry-leading brands are using recipes:

Buzzfeed has tapped into this opportunity with their Tasty channel, which has over 30 million followers with its videos receiving over tens of millions of views. These videos have resonated with audiences as they’re tailored for the Facebook platform as short, no sound required and easy-to follow recipes. My favourite has to be the Tasty video on how-to make Churro Ice Cream bowls! Yum!

Brands like Kraft have been producing recipes and sharing them with customers for decades. Customers actually seek out their website at KraftRecipes.com, which features a huge range of recipes and ideas related to its products. Kraft also adapts its content per platform. On YouTube, Kraft produces longer form video cooking content, like this How to Make Mini Cheesecake. On Twitter, they take advantage of timely events for recipes and beautiful imagery to drive links to their corporate site like with this Zucchini Spaghetti Alfredo for Passover.

I also have to give a shout to Goldfish Canada, which have been posting how-to images and recipes on Facebook. Our client Walmart Canada has also been getting great engagement posting recipes across channels for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter.

How can your brand teach millennials how to cook? Drop us a line if you need inspiration.

Posted by
Katie Boland
on 11/04/2016