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Should your brand be on Snapchat?

The answer is a resounding… it depends.

Like with any other social media platform, or any other element in your marketing mix, it’s important to understand the platform before making the decision to join a platform or now.

Let’s avoid general “advice” and instead review the basics of Snapchat so you have a few things to think about when deciding if Snapchat is the right choice for your brand or not.

Since its release in 2011, Snapchat has been heavily dismissed by marketers, being referred to as an “app for tweens”. The marketing potential of Snapchat wasn’t seriously considered.

Today, Snapchat is not only continuing to thrive, but it’s also become a strong contender in the social media landscape. With over 100 million daily active users, Snapchat now has over 8 billion video views each day. This last stat positions Snapchat aggressively against Facebook’s video viewership, which achieved 8 billion daily video views in November 2015.

But isn’t Snapchat still just for tweens?

Actually, not really. Although there is a large user base in the 13-17-year-old segment, over 50% of Snapchat users are over 25 years old. DJ Khaled, Snapchat’s breakout star, is 40 years old.

Snapchat’s user base is more widespread than naysayers will have you believe. Consider the customer segment you are attempting to target with your marketing efforts and if they overlap with Snapchat’s actively engaged audience.

Isn’t Snapchat just 10-second videos that disappear after 24 hours?

Yes, it’s true that Snapchat videos can only be a maximum of 10-seconds, however, you can post multiple photos + images. Users spend on average 30 minutes per day on Snapchat, making it one of the most engaged platforms available.

Generating between 3-6 million views per snap, DJ Khaled’s Snapchat story has more viewers than the #1 most-watched TV show, Big Bang Theory (average of 3.3M viewers).

Snapchat has more than proven that its staying power and ability to effectively engage users on a regular basis. Still… this doesn’t mean that you should or shouldn’t add Snapchat to your marketing mix. But look at the stats, review your brand’s strategic objectives, and explore Snapchat for yourself. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

As with other social media platforms, deciding to invest resources in Snapchat should be dependant on your content strategy, target demographics, and a host of other factors – and not anecdotal rhetoric about the platform. But you know that.

In the words of Snapchat’s biggest star, you smart.

If you are on Snapchat, make sure to add ruckus digital

ruckus digital welcomes a new digital media specialist

Dimitri Bariamis joins the team

Who are you and tell us about your background?

Hey there! I’m Dimitri Bariamis, a digital junkie with a passion for storytelling. I studied Development Economics and Politics at the University of Guelph before completing Centennial College’s communications and public relations program. Since then I’ve been fortunate to work with clients that ranged from local artists to some of Canada’s most-renowned brands both as a freelancer and through my previous agency experience. Before joining ruckus I worked with Canada’s leading sports broadcaster, Bell Media’s TSN, on initiatives and projects ranging from major rights acquisitions to the network’s national expansion to five feeds.

What is the biggest surprise/change that you’ve seen in the industry this past year?

The explosion of participants in the interactive/virtual reality sector. Over the past few months especially, it has been interesting to see the number of players entering the field, and it’s been one of the more dominant topics in the discourse around digital. The opportunities that the influx of open-source stitching software and accessible arrays present have definitely piqued my creative curiosity.

What app or technology do you rely on most day-to-day?

I’m active on most social platforms, and although I’m definitely not always posting personal content I am constantly checking out what different brands are doing. But the single app I rely on most is Pocket – if there’s something I want to read I just add it to the app to curate my content for later viewing, which is especially handy for flights or other scenarios where there’s no wifi.

What are you favourite blogs and podcasts?

In a stricter definition, my go-to podcast is definitely Bill Simmons’ and my favourite blog is Humans of New York. But every day I click my ‘morning links’ bookmark and scan approximately 25 sites to complement my first coffee with a little ‘mental breakfast’. It’s a combination of tech, news, and sports that includes pages like Medium, Adweek, Techcrunch, Re/code, Awful Announcing, and Digiday.

What are you most excited for this year?

I think this year has continued the trend towards a greater emphasis on digital, with brands shifting more resources towards their online presence. It’s been great to see the conversation about digital and social shift from ‘what are we doing for digital’ to ‘how are we doing’ and, more recently, to ‘where are the opportunities to invest more, engage, innovate, and forge stronger connections’. Having just joined ruckus, I’m most excited to work with the amazing team here to provide tailored solutions to these challenges.

Don’t Sleep on Vine

While everyone’s getting excited about that other social channel, Vine’s offering up a few interesting opportunities for brands.

Everyone is enamoured with the shiny new social channel (you know — the one with the ghost) and along with the major players,sometimes channels like Vine get lost in the shuffle. For some the (now) 15 second looping videos were a head scratcher. What could you do in such a short amount of time?

But as pretty much all of the social platforms are now introducing quick video clips, Vine seems to make far more sense, and looks a little like a pioneer in the land of TL/DR.

So with that in mind, here are few cool things you may not know about Vine:

So before you summarily write off Vine as to niche or to fringe or to small for your brand, consider it might be an untapped opportunity to reach a new audience. And if you’re dismissing it, chances are your competitors are too, which sounds like the perfect opening to get out ahead.

Posted by
Gary Edgar
on 13/04/2016

Welcome to ruckus

Content Marketing. Branded Content. Integrated Marketing….buzz word after buzz word…we could do this all day. Lately, you’re hearing these terms all the time but what they mean is becoming more and more diluted. One thing we can all agree on – it sure is popular right now.

In the simplest terms, content marketing is all about stories – your brand’s stories – and finding the right places and channels to tell them. But how do you know what the right channels are? Where do you find your core audience (or customer)? How do you generate and then activate all this content? This is where things tend to get more complicated, and that’s where ruckus comes in.

You see, creating the content is usually the easy part – in fact you might be doing it now. Generating posts for your Facebook and Twitter followers, curating images for Pinterest and Instagram. It’s all out there but it’s probably all disparate and unconnected – floating around the interwebs in the hopes that someone stumbles on it.

But passively waiting for your content to activate and convert won’t cut it. Not now, not when all of your competitors are doing the same thing.

At ruckus we’re expert storytellers with a seasoned history in earned and digital (in fact check out our lineage ). Plus we know how to bring all of your stories, channels and marketing efforts together to create harmony. Then, once the strategy is place and everything is moving forward, we know how and when to sprinkle in paid and earned media to really blow it up and make some noise.

So you could continue the way you’re going. Quietly pushing your messages out there and crossing your fingers that someone is listening. Or you could contact us and start making a ruckus now!