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Has Google finally found their niche in social networking

It’s no secret that Google has spent the last few years trying to position its network, Google+, as the preferred social platform. With their new +PostAd product, have they finally found their way in?

It’s no secret that Google has spent the last few years trying to position its network, Google+, as the preferred social platform. Despite their pushing, it’s safe to say they haven’t quite hit the mark on that goal.

It looks like they went back to one of their strongholds: online marketing, which they revolutionized with Google Adwords. In December 2013, Google announced they will be offering brands a new way to engage their audiences on their brand pages with +Post Ads. In a nutshell, companies will be able to use already-produced content posted on their brand page as advertisements on the Google Display Network (includes approximately 2 million sites).

Toyota reaches new customers with +Post ads and Google

This week’s ruckus-makers (Feb 2 – Feb 6)

This week’s ruckus-makers (Feb 2 – Feb 6)

Check out our round up of all the great campaigns, links and notable reads this week.


– The stats are in from Superbowl XLIX and we have the new record for conversations on Facebook. – Via MarketingLand

– Not only did users engage on social media, they did so predominantly on mobile with some impressive results. – via eMarketer


– Adidas reward most engaged fans on Twitter and take advantage of the new Twitter group DM feature in the process. #therewillbehaters

– Monster gets creative with an opportunistic tweet, demonstrating that clever, real-time social is still the way to go. 

– Cheerios have their Superbowl “Oreo moment.” Kudos.


– Ruckus has been working closely with one of our clients (Husqvarna) on Facebook and Twitter in the lead up to the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show. #client #BringItOnTSS

WTR – what the ruckus on Periscope

Find out what the ruckus is with Periscope and how live streaming can help your brand communicate with customers.

With Meerkat taking off early in 2015, Twitter quickly stepped in, purchasing Periscope in March, days after its launch on the iPhone. What are some inherent benefits of live streaming? How can your brand make your customers feel “in the moment” using Periscope? Why is this new video app is nothing like Snapchat, Vine or Instagram? Find out below:

Posted by
Katie Boland
on 09/09/2015

Beyond Slogans – 5 Ways to Un-Suck Your Content

5 simple tips on how to create quality content no matter what your budget.

On Nov 25th I was lucky enough to be a speaker at Toronto’s Centennial College for their 7th Annual Talk is Cheap event.

The night was full of amazing speakers and really great insights and so the fact that I was able to present was just the icing on the cake. Below are the slides I walked through explaining no matter what your budget for social content is, there are some fundamentals to creating content your audience will love.

Posted by
Gary Edgar
on 26/11/2014

ruckus wins Award of Excellence

We won an IABC Award for our content and community building efforts for our Husqvarna client.
We did it! Our first award…and we’ve set the bar high with an IABC Award of Excellence.
The award is for the work we did (and currently do) for Husqvarna Canada helping to generate content and manage their social communities. It’s definitely been a fun and exciting brand to work with on a regular basis and watching the community grow over the past year has been amazing to watch. Husqvarna’s fans are a very, very passionate group who have made the experience even greater.
You can read a little more about the award here and check out some of the work we’ve done herehere and here.

Reboot the way you conduct business

“Technology has removed technology from technology.” Mitch Joel

Last week, my University of Toronto #digitaledu colleague Donna Papacosta hosted Six Pixels of Separation and Ctrl Alt Delete author Mitch Joel for a chat about technology’s ubiquity evolving consumer behaviour, which ultimately shapes the way we should do business.

Joel first focused on three key areas that he called “Three Little Pigs”:

  1. To transform – to happen internally within organizations, not externally

  2. To innovate – examples include success factors for today’s apps: image-based, highly mobile, highly social

  3. To transact – shift to sharing and impermanence with consumers paying for sharing instead of owning (Airbnb, Netflix, Breather, iTunes and JustPark also Snapchat as an impermanent social platform)

Joel went on to say that he thinks that instead of talking about the “next digital consumer,” we’ll be talking about the “quantified consumer.” (Fitbit, Nest and Starbucks)

He said that while a few years ago we may have wondered why our fridges should be connected to the internet, whereas now many individuals are saying “why not?”

He also offered the following four areas all organizations should be considering in their transformations:

  1. Think content distribution over content now

  2. Think new revenue models over campaigns

  3. Think one screen over which screen (the one a respective user is watching is always most important)

  4. Think about making an impression over impressions

More highlights from the evening (via Donna Papacosta)

Stop ‘networking’ – Do something you enjoy instead

Do a quick Google News search for networking and you’ll find ‘About 27,800,000 results’ – everything from how-to features with tips and suggestions, clickbait warning about the ’10 worst networking fails you might already be doing’ to articles on why it’s the most (or least) important element that you should (or shouldn’t) care about.

I’ve always had some trepidation with the word “networking.” It conjures up scenarios in my mind best described as a business equivalent of a rom-com speed-dating montage. That’s why I don’t do it – I just do things I’m interested in.

Earlier this week I attended an event for volunteers and supporters of the 5 To Watch awards that recognize leaders in the Canadian sports business and raise funds for the George Brown College Foundation. To date, they’ve raised $150,000 for student awards and bursaries.

As a sports nut that only recently left a role in the industry, it was great to connect with other like-minded people in support of a great cause. We talked about the program and how great it is. We talked about the NHL playoffs, a little Champions League, Kobe, the Raptors and the Warriors. We talked about industry trends: the good, the bad, the ugly.

This is how I’ve met like-minded individuals and forged relationships – through shared contributions. This could be anything from volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about, joining a beer league softball team of people you don’t know, neighbourhood clean-up days, or taking a personal interest course. Many employers (including ruckus and our sister agency APEX PR) encourage employees to do this, offering paid time off for volunteering and support for professional development.

So stop trying to network – and start doing more of what you enjoy.