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#DailyDive: My mobile go-to sources for information on the go

Curiosity and ongoing learning are key requirements at our agency. Studies show that people who continue to learn as professionals are better problem-solvers, more creative and tend to enjoy their jobs more ̶ so that’s a bonus. This month we are sharing our go-to professional resources at APEX PR and ruckus Digital.

As a content developer in the social media space, you’d almost never find me picking up a newspaper or watching the morning/evening news, however you will find me with my phone constantly in hand, scrolling, listening, viewing, and taking in the latest news – like a true millennial.

Here are my some of my favourite sources of daily info:

  • The Adweek App (iOS & Google Play) – Talk about inspiration. I kill two birds with one stone reading Adweek. I get the latest industry news, and I get to see what the best of the best brands and agencies are doing globally and getting a little inspiration for my day-to-day working life.
  • Strategy Magazine – Okay, okay, I know I said you’ll only find me collecting news on my phone, but Strategy is the one exception I’ll make. Fresh out of university, knowing I wanted to go into marketing, but not necessarily knowing an exact direction, flipping through the pages of Strategy Magazine was one of the first times I can remember feeling truly inspired to go the direction I ended up going in the industry. All these year later, Strategy Magazine still inspires me.
  • Philip DeFranco – I’ll admit, some days are so hectic that I genuinely wouldn’t know what was happening in the world unless someone tells me. However, no matter how busy the day is, I still manage to find time to scroll through Instagram at least 3 times a day. Enter Philip DeFranco, my one-stop shop for global news and a hint of celebrity gossip – thanks Phil!

Amanda Carreiro is a senior digital content manager at ruckus Digital. Check out more of #DailyDive and see what others are looking at for professional inspiration. (Incidentally, Amanda and colleagues were recently mentioned in Strategy Magazine.)