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Weekly digital marketing update.

Check out our round up of all the great campaigns, links and notable reads this week.


– Facebook continues to actively combat “advertising” language on the platform and reiterating that you now have to “pay to play” in order to be effective. 

DigiDay dives deeper into the new model the social media platform has in mind for brands. 

YouTube is starting it’s own brand and advertising revolution by revamping how we think and approach branded content.


– Top Shop takes over London fashion week in the UK with an innovative approach to tie social #trends to purchasing decisions.

WWF joins the fitness app game, but with a fun twist for a good cause. 

– If you think about it, when our phone is on the table and we are not using it, it’s just another ad space to utilize for marketers. Someone is catching on.

– IKEA continues it’s history of successful campaigns, this time helping you put together a perfect collection of emoticons and stay in the middle of every conversation. 


– Katie Boland (@KathrynBoland) appeared on CBC’s Metro Morning to promote @PodCampToronto. See you there this weekend. 

– Speaking of @PodCampToronto, we will be launching our Snapchat account at the event, covering workshops, impressions and other interesting events. Be sure to follow us at: “ruckusdigital“.

– Our WTR series continues to give you a five minute inside look into the world of social media platforms. This time, we break down Pinterest for brands

Posted by
Serge Leshchuk
on 21/02/2015