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Weekly Social Media Update

Check out our round up of all the great campaigns, links and notable reads this week.


– Digiday has held a digital summit this past week and it resulted in some interesting findings about the challenges facing digital agencies in 2015 and beyond.

– As marketers work to get more effective at measurement and analytics, many are starting to look for alternatives to how we have quantified success before. 

– Pinterest continues to test it’s advertising model, narrowing ad targeting as part of its offering and testing animated pins.

– Instagram numbers are still rising in the U.S. and eMarketer research points to some interesting predictions in the new year. 

– More from eMarketer: the digital research magazine shared insight on how men and women interact with social media in Canada.

– Instagram takes a page out of the iconic Mad Men moment with introduction of its ‘carousel ads’ to your feed.


– Coca-Cola has a lot of mobile fun with its ‘augmented reality‘ ad. 

– Creativity comes from many places. One Creative Director decided that losing sleep over his passion was actually a good thing. 

– Who doesn’t hate pre-roll ads on videos? Well, Geico is working to change that with these 1 minute clips of the ads ‘you’ve already skipped.’


Our latest blog entry explores the future of social media analytics and discusses how marketers and digital pros need to adapt to the change landscape.

– Pinterest has been making a lot of ruckus lately. If you’re thinking it’s time to explore the platform’s potential for your brand, here is a quick pverview of things you should know before taking the dive.

Posted by
Serge Leshchuk
on 07/03/2015