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DOWNLOAD HERE: WTH should I care about visual storytelling?

Whether, paid, earned, shared or owned media, very few tactics do not involve some sort of visual. Learn why you should care about visual storytelling in this lecture delivered by Diane Bégin at the McMaster Syracuse Master of Communications Management (MCM) 2019 residency. The full presentation can be accessed by filling

Should fake news be archived to be preserved for the future?

That question was tossed around at an October 16 event, hosted by the National Archives in the stunning new Globe and Mail Centre, called Unfiltered: the Fate of Facts in the Digital Age. (Also check out what Globe staff have said about the Centre’s views.) The discussion was moderated by Guy

Top 5 of #Canada150

Remember Canada’s 125th? Branded as “Canada 1-2-5,” this was the commercial. In the pre-internet days, TV spots and brochures were really how I remember Canada shared its ideas about how to celebrate. Fast forward to 2017 and Canada’s 150th (aka #Canada150, or the more fun #sesquicentennial #sesqui) and we’re seeing commemorations popping

Reboot the way you conduct business

“Technology has removed technology from technology.” Mitch Joel Last week, my University of Toronto #digitaledu colleague Donna Papacosta hosted Six Pixels of Separation and Ctrl Alt Delete author Mitch Joel for a chat about technology’s ubiquity evolving consumer behaviour, which ultimately shapes the way we should do business. Joel first focused on